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ncisnorom's Journal

NCIS No Romance--All Subtext!
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NCIS chat and discussion community--no romance, all subtext.
A NCIS chat an discussion community that advocates no on-screen romance from any characters. We prefer to keep the romance to subtext.

Welcome to ncisnorom, a place for spoilers, discussion, and debate. Most NCIS related topics welcome!

Our philosophy? Simple! We’re NCIS fans who don’t wish to see romance play out onscreen. Shippers are welcome, as long as you keep ship discussion and chat off the community.

This community is a positive place for NCIS fans. While we will discuss and debate the show, we would like to keep the discussion on an upbeat note. There’s something in every episode to like, and we’d love to hear your likes, your dislikes, your speculation, and hopes for the future.

We have some rules for the road.

Member bashing isn’t tolerated. Debate the position, not the person behind the words. Slurs, attacks, inflamed language directed in a personal manner have no place here. If you have any issues with a poster here, drop the mods a line and we’ll investigate.

Critique is welcome, but bashing is not. Keep it to the discussion at hand and don’t make it personal. “That was an unconvincing performance.” Is great, but “That actor couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag.” Isn’t. Please don’t attack the actors personally or use any sort of hate speech when referring to them or fellow posters.

Speculation/rumor about actor personal lives has no place here. If an actor has released information, by all means, post it. However, if information or news hasn’t been officially confirmed, let’s leave it off the community.

Spoliers? Speculation? Discussion? Bring it on. So that folks who don’t like spoilers can avoid the spoilers, please do the following. List SPOILER in the subject line of your post, but don’t actually post the spoiler in the subject line. Also, please put the spoiler material itself under a cut.

Episode discussions will be launched the night of a new episode. Be aware these will contain spoilers—you’ve been warned ;)

Please feel free to discuss the NCIS actors and their other projects, personal appearances, etc. Pictures and other media are most welcome, but please don’t post episode links here. That could get the community and your mods in a bit of trouble.

Please keep OT posts to a minimum, but if a post is of interest to much of the community, by all means, post here.

Please do try to tag your posts. It’ll help folks looking to search for specific items.

If you have suggestions or any comments, you can reach the mods several ways! You can find us on twitter @jetgibbs or @tejasjulia, or you can reach us via LJ’s mailing system.