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Episode Discussion for Rekindled
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taylorgibbs wrote in ncisnorom
Thoughts? Better or worse than you expected?

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Oh, wow! This is an amazing episode! MW knocked it out of the park! And I *loved* Jason and Abby working together. Can't wait for the rest of the season!

Couldn't agree more! I love the way things are coming together.

And MW? Spectacular!!!

YES! Tonight was the best Tony. Smart, insightful, good at his job, caring. Just great!

I think that one of my favorite "lighter" Tony moments was his "It's a gift" comment to the team and their reaction. *That's* the Tony I love! :-D

Yes :) That was a great moment!

I like the hints of Tony stepping into Gibbs' shoes a bit... the 'it's a gift' thing, the elevator, etc. Not too much, but enough that if you wear pink slashy goggles,it's cute in that way, if not, it's perfectly fine as mentor/student stuff.

Loved the episode. Also loved the fact that there were no real rom-vils. (ie, romantic anvils). A lot of people were really worried or hoping for some, so a well-played, team-heavy, (BADASS MCGEE), episode worked very well.

No real expectations as I've not seen any specific spoilers (or trailers) except the general spoilers for the end of season. Those have been making me cringe in anticipation based on the end of season spoilers compared to what we actually got for previous seasons, but I await being pleasantly surprised.

This episode, I think, is a pretty reasonable example of how to have a character-centric episode and a guest actor without turning half the regular cast into spare parts that you don't know what to do with.

Not happy about finishing on a cliffhanger here because we had that last season (or was that the the one before? or both?) where we had a better cliffhanger late-season than the end of season one...

Mostly liked the ep.

Without thinking romance, I still think that the whole series really hangs on the relationship/chemistry between Gibbs and Tony as portrayed by MH & MW. Gibbs is the master of the functional mute, but the looks between the two of them are so emotive.
(And the viewer can infer a slash relationship if they want without needing to be told that there is a relationship there all the time as we have to have with 'Tiva')

Reasonably OK with the timeline - 20 years ago isn't necessarily exacty 20 years, it's shorthand for a range. A little surprised/blindsided as had expected the "kid in Baltimore" to have been a teenager Tony encountered as a cop in Baltimore, not what they actually gave us.

I like it when all of our team are portrayed as competent, which is often missing in the misguided attempts at humour. Not impressed with the boots scene at the beginning, I think virtually the same effect could have been achieved with Tony wearing snazzy but suitable boots - rather than just plain old wellies - watching him concerned about getting them wet wasn't remotely funny, it just made him look stupid.

But mainly lots I like and little I didn't about this ep.

I agree completely that the show does hinge on the relationship between Gibbs and Tony. When that's on track, the show works. When it wobbles is when the stories stop working, too.

And *yes*, this was an excellent example of a well done character-driven episode that still brought in the whole team and showed them all in a good light.

I'm beginning to feel like a broken record. LOL You're right about the boots thing. It was the *only* jarring note in the whole episode. There are many other things that could have been done with that without using humiliation humor. It wasn't remotely funny, which had nothing to do with MW's performance, and everything to do with the writing.

I agree--didn't like the boots scene at all. I was willing to overlook it in the context of the rest of the episode.

Using the boots thing as a device to showcase the difference between Tony's put-on "public" persona and the real "inner" Tony that we get a glimpse of later in the episode was kind of sad.

The writers assume we're not too bright, I'm afraid.

(forgive me, please, for butting in without introduction!)

Welcome :) No butting in--join the convo!

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