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Episode Discussion for MIssionary Position
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taylorgibbs wrote in ncisnorom

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Jet Lag II it wasn't - thank god.

Not keen on this type of plot (inter-agency scraps), which doesn't help.

Gibbs/Ryan is fine, but he'd kick her to the kerb for meddling in his work, if not the general headgames at home - which makes it hard to believe in the relationship.

Ziva is bi, isn't she? first Jen and now Monique... That's how it comes across to me, and the 'show' is more powerful than the 'tell'.

Liked: the pre-credit teaser; Gibbs waiting with the dustbin lid; competent!Tony treated as such by Gibbs; Gibbs in the hoodie at the end.

You're not the first to say or comment about Ziva and Monique and Ziva and Jenny.

It was okay--didn't love it, didn't hate it. I'm still not sure how the Ziva and Monique connection works, especially since Ziva was groomed to be Mossad for so long.

And on a purely shallow note, I LOVED casual Tony

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