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Ratings for 9x19, The Good Son
NCIS: Old-School by spoonyriffic
chicklet_girl wrote in ncisnorom
Overnight Ratings
9x01, Nature of the Beast: 4.2/12, 19.55 million
9x02, Restless: 4.15/12, 19.181 million
9x03, The Penelope Papers: 4.1/12, 18.86 million
9x04, Enemy on the Hill: 3.9/11, 18.657 million
9x05, Safe Harbor: 3.8/10, 19.01 million
9x06, Thirst: 4.0/11, 19.05 million
9x07, Devil's Triangle: 3.9/11, 19.38 million
9x08, Engaged (Part 1): 4.1/11, 20.31 million
9x09, Engaged (Part 2): 4.0/11, 19.935 million
9x10, Sins of the Father: 3.5/10, 18.45 million
9x11, Newborn King: 3.5/10, 19.03 million
9x12, Housekeeping: 4.2/11, 20.015 million
9x13, A Desperate Man: 4.1/11, 20.87 million
9x14, Life Before His Eyes: 4.1/11, 20.80 million
9x15, Secrets: 3.9/11, 19.423 million
9x16, Psych Out: 3.8/10, 19.55 million
9x17, Need to Know: 3.4/9, 18.013 million
9x18, The Tell: 3.3/10, 18.61 million
9x19, The Good Son: 3.4/10, 18.24 million

Final Ratings
nature="Nature" of="of" the="the" beast:="Beast:" million="million" restless:="Restless:" million="million" the="the" penelope="Penelope" papers:="Papers:" million="million" enemy="Enemy" the="the" hill:="Hill:" million="million" safe="Safe" harbor:="Harbor:" million="million" thirst:="Thirst:" million="million" triangle:="Triangle:" million="million" engaged="Engaged" million="million" engaged="Engaged" million="million" sins="Sins" of="of" the="the" father:="Father:" million="million" newborn="Newborn" king:="King:" million="million" housekeeping:="Housekeeping:" million="million" a="A" desperate="Desperate" man:="Man:">
9x14, Life Before His Eyes: 4.2/11, 20.98 million
9x15, Secrets: 3.9/11, 19.59 million
9x16, Psych Out: 3.6/10, 19.29 million
9x17, Need to Know: 3.5/9, 18.20 million
9x18, The Tell: 3.4/10, 19.05 million
9x19, The Good Son: 3.5/10, 18.67 million

Yes, those are season lows for the last two episodes; every year the ratings go down for every show immediately after Daylight Savings Time goes into effect. I haven't been able to figure out why; maybe I'm odd in that my viewing patterns don't change much just because it's lighter outside for another hour. *g*

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Thanks so much :) My viewing doesn't change either, but I know a lot of the little leagues and such start here.

To me the funny thing is that the drop is tied specifically to Daylight Savings Time, and I can't figure out why that's the turning point for viewers. I hate an unsolved mystery. *g*

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